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Below is a collection of recent designs, featured on dozens of different products, with more constantly being added.
Each design is printed on multiple different product types and sizes, and is custom ordered for you, by me, through Printful.

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Save Me small.jpg

“Save Me”

Save Me is a Christian inspired design, and features a beautiful cathedral background with light shining through stained glass, symbolically and literally cutting through the darkness.

Oh God Final.jpg

“Oh God”

Oh God is a Christian inspired design featuring the image of a mountain cliff looking over a beautiful sunset, which light cuts past a rocky crevice, illuminating the text in the foreground.


“Daniel Lucas designs”

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“Bring Them Home”

“Bring Them Home” is another Christian inspired design, featuring the beginning of Moses’ journey towards Egypt to free the Jews.

Help Me Believe small.jpg

“Help me Believe”

Help Me Believe is another Christian inspired design, featuring a woman with a beautiful gradient, with light rays shimmering off her skin/hair, and past her face.
This design is also available with only text.

Overlook small.jpg


Overlook is a bright design piece, featuring a woman basking in sunlight, inside a beautiful rocky cave, with a light flare cutting past her, creating a lens flare effect.

Truth Light Way.jpg

“The Truth. The Light. The Way”

The Truth. The Light. The Way is a Christian inspired design featuring a beautiful starry sky background behind flowing clouds, and features a quote inspired by John 14:6.

Alone small.jpg


Alone is a darker design, featuring an upside down image of a woman floating in the water of a flooded Forrest,with the text overlapping and cutting through moonlit trees.

Hold Me Up Preview.jpg

“Hold Me up”

Hold Me Up is a Christian inspired design featuring the hand of God holding up the world, with some fantasy inspired clouds floating outside the planet, and a beautiful star-light lens flare effect.

LTW Watermark.jpg

“Light The Way"

Light The Way is inspired by the Shane & Shane song titled, “You loved my heart to death”. talking about Jesus’ sacrifice for all of us, especially those of us who deserve God’s wrath with “every breath”, yet He never changed His mind when things got hard, and saved us forever more.

Product/Order Information

Printful offers a wide range of products to print my custom designs on, however not all designs work with all products.

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