Other Projects

Lead Graphic Designer - Channeling Erik

Through the Channeling Erik Blog and the Channeling Erik Facebook Group I have been the Lead Graphic Designer, creating collages and designs for sale via RedBubble , and creating "Daily Erik's", which are a Graphic Design Advertisement based on quotes that Erik says through Mediums on the blog/FB Page, or through the book. These "Daily Erik's" advertisements are meant to give the viewer insight into the spiritual bases of the book, and how it relates to us personally, and all things around us intricately. 
(Below is an example of a "Daily Erik" ad, and is sole property of Daniel Lucas Designs)

Lead Graphic Designer /Founder/Writer - A Teen's Guide To Spirituality

I created the blog, A Teen's Guide To Spirituality, because I wanted to publicly share the struggles and losses that acted as a catalyst to me discovering my spirituality, and how it would change my life forever. This blog addresses many topics I've learned about through my lessons and experiences, like my views on God, Death, Life, the Afterlife, and how skepticism plays a major role in my views.
Being a professional Graphic Designer has been wonderful through this process because it allowed me to create a logo that effectively shows off the meaning behind the blog, the brand and website, and saved me a lot of time and money in the process. 
(Below is one of the designs I use in my Spirituality Blog, and is sole property of Daniel Lucas Designs)

Audie's Spiritual Healings - Wholly Angelic & Spiritual - The "Share" Group

These are all names of blogs that I own, administrate, or helped found. Audie's Spiritual Healings is a group I helped start in June/July of 2014 with my friend, mentor, and teacher; Audie Herron. Up until his passing, I was an administrator, and co-founder of his Spiritual Healing group, where he would perform distance healing for paid participants, and would receive amazing reviews. After he passed away, I was asked to run the group, and in doing so I continued hosting his "Meditation Sessions" through Facebook events where the group focuses on healing or helping a certain group of the world based on a topic; like the homeless, or during a major disaster. 
Wholly Angelic & Spiritual is a group that a dear friend, Tim Noxel, started based on readings from Angelic Tarot cards, and several experiences mediums. I currently administrate the group, and participate in events/activities. 
The "Share" Group is a Facebook group I created so that people could share posts they like, in order to help out the person/group/page posting the content,  in a way that their friends/family wouldn't see any spiritual content they would fear, or judge them off of. 

I enjoy helping these groups out by co-founding them, or administrating them, because it allows me to give back to such a giving community, and help others on their own spiritual journeys. If you have any spiritual groups you run, or are a part of, and would like me to check them out, feel free to contact me!