These items are pre-made and are for sale at a discounted price.

“Comic Pop”
This is a partially customizable design (background, text, colors) featuring a custom comic style font design, and a “drawn” effect background in a darker matching color.
$200.00 is the starting price.
If you’d like a totally custom version of this design, please click here to contact me.

Starting at $250.00
"Ghost" is a partially customizable Pre-Made design featuring a swirling background, vivid colors, and "ghostly" text overlay.
You can change the color of the entire image, the text and font, as well as replace/remove the figures in the middle. 

Ghost Watermark.jpg

Starting at 250.00$
"Autumn Leaves" is a semi-customizable design for use as album art, poster, book cover, and more. *Ask for clarification on customization options. 

Starting at 250.00$
"Missing You" is a complete book cover design featuring a faux ISBN number, logo placement, and pricing. The text and colour scheme is fully customizable, but depending on detail, price may change. 

Staring at 250.00$
"Strangers Ball" Book Cover - Text and colour scheme is fully customizable. Additional charges may apply. Inquire for details and/or if interested.

Starts at 200.00$
Romance Novel Inspired Design to be used as an album cover, book cover, background, etc. Custom text is additional.


Starts at 200.00$
"Crystal Ball" is available for all uses, and the text is customizable for your brand.  

Starts at 200.00$
"Enjoy the View" is available for all uses, and is semi-customizable to represent your brand. 

*You're able to customize title, add your personal website/store, and change the colour scheme of the image. 

Starts at 150.00$
"Take a picture..." is available for use as a background image, header, album cover, logo, etc.

*"Your Brand Here" is fully customizable, and the divider is completely removable. 

All items start at 200.00$
"The Woodland Queen" , "The Sea Queen", and "Jungle Queen" are available for use as a background image, header, banner, album cover, logo, etc. 

*Titles are fully customizable to represent your company/brand. 

Starts at 200.00$
"Reach For The Stars" Pre-Made Design for use as Band Logo, Album Cover, Social Media Header/Background, etc.

*"Reach For The Stars" is fully customizable to fit your band/company's logo/font.  

Starts at 150.00$
"Into the Abyss" is a Pre-Made Design for use as a Band Logo, Album Art, background image, etc. 

*"Your Band Here" is fully customizable and removable.

Example Maintenance/Be Right Back Screen Starts at 75.00$

This screen is an example of an image you can use you when you leave a stream, have technical difficulties, or need to do maintenance on a website. This image can be fully customized within the parameters of the premade design. *Contact for more info. 

Social Media Background Starting At 50.00$

Image is fully customizable to fit your logo/brand initials. 

Twitch/Youtube/Mixer Overlay Starts at $100.00
This design is being used by RandumGaming, but can be changed to fit your logo, color scheme, and for an additional charge can have text boxes added for donations, subscribers, etc. 

Twitch Overlay.png

All items are made to accommodate your brand, but are limited to design capabilities. Contact me for more info.