Pre-Made Designs For Sale

[These items are pre-made and are for sale at a discounted price]

30’s Slapper Poster/Ad

This 1930’s inspired poster/advertisement design features an Art-Deco themed background and font style, along with a large and bright gold title header. There’s also room for a brand slogan, website, tagline, or something else you use to show off your unique brand. The poster’s color scheme is customizable, as well as the text itself, and room for a logo and imagery can be provided.*
Additional room will need to be made for large images and logo, which will change the printing size (if required) and may change final price.

Design starts at $125.00


“Praise The Storm”

Praise the Storm is a grungy, horror inspired design featuring a massive hurricane surrounding this other-worldly object as it conjures red lightning. This design is lightly-customizable, allowing for changes in font, overall color grading, and logo/social link placement.
Design starts at $150.00

Website Preview.jpg

“Comic Pop”

This is a partially customizable design (background, text, colors) featuring a custom comic style font design, and a “drawn” effect background in a darker matching color.
$100.00 is the starting price.
If you’d like a totally custom version of this design, please click here to contact me.

“Autumn Leaves”

Autumn Leaves is a semi-customizable design, featuring a hidden body in the leaves. This design can feature customizable text for something like apparel, merch, or an album cover; and has options to change the overall color and brightness/contrast of the design as needed.
Starting price is $75.00

“Enjoy The View”

Enjoy the View is a semi-customizable design, featuring heavy light ray and texture effects with “vintage” color grading.
This would be perfect for a folk-like band album cover, apparel, and more.
Text and color grading is customizable.
Design starts at $100.00

“Take A Picture”

Take a Picture is a semi-customizable design, featuring a woman taking the viewers picture with a vintage lens, and highlights a heavily textured, starry-night background, and vintage art-deco inspired text holder.
Design starts at $50.00

“Reach for the Stars”

Reach for the Stars is a lightly customizable design, featuring a point-of-view perspective of an astronaut looking through his/her helmet into the vastness of a planet without an atmosphere.
Text and some color grading is customizable, as well as social media link placement if required.
Design starts at $100.00

“Into The Abyss”

Into the Abyss is a lightly customizable design, featuring a woman standing in an exploding galaxy as light and stars wiz by her.
This design would be perfect as an album cover, social media header, advertisement, and more.
Design has customizable text/logo placement, social links, and some color grading changes.
Design starts at $150.00

TMNT Inspired Stream Screen(s)

This is an example of a previously used Be Right Back screen by Mixer streamer, RecklessDonkey.
This design features heavy textures and color grading, inspired by the 90’s cartoon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and allows for color and font changes, as well as logo and social link placement if required. “Be Right Back” can be changed to any screen name as required.
Design starts at $50 or 5 screens for $200.00

All items are made to accommodate your brand, but are limited to design capabilities. Contact me for more info, or to request a custom design inspired by one of these pre-made designs.