My name is Daniel Lucas, and I'm a 23 year old Graphic Artist from Ontario, Canada. I've lived in small towns for most of my life, and I truly find comfort in these tight knit communities, and draw a lot of my inspiration from. I'm a very hard working designer, and won't quit until my client feels satisfied, comfortable, and understood.

I started designing after watching my cousin use Adobe Illustrator back around 2006/2007, and was immediately hooked. Microsoft Word was the first program I experimented on, and started by creating memorial posters for the TV personality and wildlife activist Steve Irwin, a.k.a "The Crocodile Hunter". Later on in life, once I had a computer of my own and some experience, I downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS6 for my Mac and started playing around with it, while watching YouTube tutorials on Photoshop's basic features. Since then, I've accumulated over 10 years experience, 4 of which were professional job-based experiences, and am now extremely comfortable using Photoshop for all design needs. I also regularly use Squarespace for web design clients, and Lightroom for photography.

Apart from being a Graphic Designer, Photo Editor, and Website Designer, I'm also a YouTuber, Mixer Streamer, Blogger, and I run/administrate several Facebook groups around my business’s and hobbies.

 Since starting Daniel Lucas Designs, I've created and sold many different designs with the help of RedBubble , and have been able to expand my design style to fit any and all clients needs. I can now design things like Home Decor (Throw pillows, Mugs, etc.), Apparel (T-shirts, sweaters, leggings, dresses, etc.) Stickers, and much more!
All of which you can find through the Shop tab above. I also create Wedding Invitations/ Thank You Cards, Sport's Jerseys, and more recently, I've started doing light video editing and light to advanced photo editing; all of which you can find here!

If you're interested in a custom design, website, or my other services, click the button below!