Frequently Asked Questions & The Design Process

Here are a few things you should know when selecting a designer, and starting the process of creating your website/artwork. 

  • Be ready financially, emotionally, and mentally when selecting a designer and starting the designing process. Most artists aren't cheap, and rightfully so. Like with any other form of art, you get what you pay for, and although cheaper might be easier, it's certainly not better.
  • Get to know your designer. Find out what your designer is like as a person, and an artist, before working with them. Some artists are very bossy, narrow minded, and strict, while other are open minded, respectful, and will easily follow direction. *Always keep in mind that the designer does know what he/she is doing, so be respectful of that as well.
  • If you seek approval of someone like a manager or publicist before finalizing any design decisions, or if you have a business partner, it's best to let them talk to me as well so they have insight on the process and the steps being taken, so we don't have to backtrack and change anything - which can cost you money, and your designer a lot of time.
  • Try to give your designer as much creative freedom as possible.  It's good to know what you want, but sometimes the things you visualize just aren't practical, or professional. Maybe that giant pink unicorn doesn't look good on the front of your blog if you're trying to send a professional message, so step back a bit and let the designer help you. After all, that's what we're here for. 
  • Be very clear and upfront about the services you require. If you need a website and a logo done, make that known and explain exactly what you want before hand. If you aren't sure, say so, and the designer will work with you to figure that out. If you're completely unsure of getting design work done at all, or aren't financially ready to get work done, it's best to be upfront about that so the designer doesn't get into planning and/or change their schedule to seemingly fit your needs.
  • Feel free to describe yourself, and your band/company. If you're a Christian Rock band, or Christian Author, say so! If you're really into a certain art style, say so! Showing yourself and your brand off to your designer helps him/her get your personality to come to life through their work!
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you aren't sure why something costs what it does, ask, but respect the line between curiosity and scrutiny. 

How do I contact you?

You can contact me directly from the Contact page, or if you have me on Facebook you can private message me, or message me through my Facebook group here. I do not Skype, Facetime, or use any form of video chat with my clients, and prefer not to call due to long distance charges.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently only accept payments through PayPal. The reason I choose PayPal is because it's cheap to send money from one person or another from US/Canada, it's a convenient way to track payments, and payment information, and I can issue refunds if you send the wrong amount, or if there are issues with your payment. 
If you're outside of Canada I accept USD only. If you're in America, you must pay me in USD, not CDN. 

I'm new to PayPal. How do I use it?

Well first you can use PayPal by creating an account here, linking your credit card and/or bank account via the "Banks and Cards" options on your account summary page, and clicking on the "Pay or send money" option, then "send money to a friend or family". Below are what the buttons look like.

Step one

Step one

Step two

Step two

Are there PayPal Fees?

Recently PayPal has decided to start charging  people to send money internationally, so if you're outside of Canada, yes. 
Click Here for a link to PayPal's page on fee's. 

How do I get started on my own website/logo?

Once you contact me through the Contact page, you can view the general pricing for my services here, and once I get back to you we can start talking about what ideas you have for the service you want, and from there I'll build a contract. I'll then send you the contract to be signed through your email address, which you can sign digitally, or if you prefer, you can print it off, sign it by hand, scan it, and then email it back to me. It's much easier, and equally legally binding, if you sign it through the computer; which will be an option directly from the email I'll be sending you.
Once you sign and return the contract, I'll begin working on the service with your creating input as well as my own, and we'll work together to get your logo/brand/website/image exactly how you want it to be! My customer satisfaction is 100%. 

Are the prices ever going to change? 

The prices you see on my Services page are general, meaning that's the base price you'll be paying for those services, but they are subject to change based on the amount of time your design/website takes, how much detail goes into it, and if I need to take an "extra" step with website coding, or outsourcing to another designer for illustrative purposes. I will inform my clients before moving forward if there is going to be a price change, so you can either decide to move forward and pay the difference, or remove that idea from your design/website.

Do you work for Cam-Girls, Models, etc?

Yes, I absolutely work for cam-girls, models, and anything of the like! I offer all the same services (website design, logo/brand creation, photo/video editing) with all the same discretion and professionalism as I do with all my other clients. Zero judgement, always friendly and communicative, and willing to offer long-term editing services. Message me directly for any other concerns or questions you may have before working with me!

You edited a photo/video for me, where do you send it?

I send all my pre-made designs, edited photos and videos, and all requested/agreed upon files through DropBox to you. I can send this link to you via Facebook (my business page) or email, if you prefer. DropBox is a very professional file-sharing service that's completely safe and private. So only you and I get to see what's in the folders/files! 

If you didn't find an answer to your question, please submit your question here.