If you would like to donate and support my work, I would humbly accept your donations through PayPal via the button below. Thank you very much for your consideration and donation. 

Why Should I Donate? 
All donations that I receive will be used different than purchases would be. Donations will be used to help me better my skills and knowledge of the programs I use daily, like Photoshop, and programs I'm trying to better myself at, like Wordpress and Illustrator. Donations would also allow me to be of more service to you by having additional funds to purchase premium themes for client websites, and more tools to use when designing custom pieces. 

What's The Difference?
The difference between Donating and Purchasing is that all purchases will be used for basic bills, and necessities like food, rent, etc. Your Purchases basically keep me "afloat" while I continue to design and make the work that I love, where as Donations make the work I do better by increasing my knowledge of programs, and access to customization tools.