What is Squarespace Circle?


Squarespace Circle is a special group of Squarespace members, namely designers, who have access to special features, discounts, forums, and can even go on to become Squarespace specialists to help other users and designers user Squarespace to it's fullest.

By using a designer that's Squarespace Circle certified (which you can usually tell by a badge on their website - mine's located on the bottom) they can offer you unique deals like 20% off new Squarespace memberships, and 60 day trial periods as opposed to a regular 14 day trial. Not only do we save you money, but we have more time to work with you until you're fully satisfied and ready to take the leap from a trial website, to a full paid website!

But there's also a lot in it for us, that can help you as well. For us designers, and more experienced users, we have access to special forums, tutorials, and the ability to beta test features before they launch to the public, so we have more skill and can do things most other users can't do as well, or at all on their own. This gives you a better experience working with us, reducing the likely-hood of us not being able to do something you'd like us to on your site, and allows us to do it more efficiently saving you time and money.

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